Post-holiday journal 2015

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What did I do from Christmas eve eve to Christmas?

Hello blog!

After having a little blog break from the 23rd to 27th, I decided to share what I've done
for this Christmas. (well, it technically starts from Christmas eve eve)
It's maybe an irony to still post about Christmas on 28th,
but I didn't plan to share what I did on Christmas day because
I spent all 3 days with my families and friends without going on the internet!

To be honest, my festivity wasn't gone till yesterday since I spent 4 days straight
with my family munching on all the sweets.
I took a break not only from the too-much internet session,
but also from my night time work out routine.
So those 4 days were like guilty pleasure for me to have before the new year starts
with full of over planned resolutions!

Here, let me start my post-Christmas journal 2015.

Christmas eve eve, 23rd.

I did one of the most Christmassy thing this year-
watching The Nutcracker ballet performance.
It wasn't my first time to see it; however, it was more than 10 years ago!
I still have some happy memories about this iconic show.
It was when my parents bought me a real nutcracker after the show.
(and I still have it on the living room shelf)

I was excited to re-watch it with my sisters this time.
Moreover, since I've learned ballet for about 3 years when I was an elementary school kid,
watching ballet performance always gets me nostalgic.

The hall of the Seoul Arts Center was screaming CHRISTMAAAAAAS!
This humongous Christmas tree literally reached till the 3rd floor of the hall.
And those little fairy lights got everyone into holiday spirits enough to enjoy the show.

Even though our seats were on the 2nd floor, we could see the whole thing
from the stage to the podium.
I was constantly recalling my first nutcracker experiences as I watched it.
The Nutcracker was still magical and full of happiness.
And I ended up wanting to get a pair of toe shoes or a tutu.

Christmas Eve, 24th

My sister and I planned to bake some cookies & cupcakes to give them
as our Christmas treats/gifts this year.
I went for good old Christmas sugar icing cookies while my sister chose
mini vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I pre-made the cookie dough to let it sit in the fridge for some days and
to shorten the process.

This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas cookies.
After rolling out the dough, I and my sisters got our Christmas cookie cutters.
We chose the jingle bell, candy cane, xmas tree, holly leaf, and the heart shaped ones
to turn the cookie dough into our Christmas cookies.

Never forget to play some classic carols next to you during annual holiday baking session.

We laid out these little babies on the tray to put in the oven.
I actually needed another tray for more batches of these yummy treats.

While waiting for the oven to finish the first cookie batch, I made hot chocolate to sip.
Without tiny bit of exaggeration, it was the best hot chocolate I've ever made!
(and the hottest that I burnt my tongue)
Credit to my Santa mug, my mom got me last week.

After the oven ding!-ed, I got them out on the table to cool down.
(We added few teddy bear cookies to go as little surprise)
Meanwhile, my sister finished hers,
mini vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on top.

And we decorated the cookies for more than two hours.
We used rainbow sprinkles, milk chocolate, sugar icing pen, and leftover cupcake frosting
to adorn them with festivity.
Well, the living room and the kitchen started to become a mess since then.
Let's not forget our hands and shirts, covered with all the decorations.
Honestly, I got so tired and starving at the end, but it was worth it.

All the people we gave our Christmas cookies & cupcakes were so happy
to receive these little gifts with cards.
They really appreciated how much effort we'd put into this, so my sisters
and I could feel what Christmas really means!

Christmas, 25th

I and my family had late night sleep on eve.
I watched some Christmas films on my laptop almost until 3am...
As a result, we all woke up at noon.

We've had some toasts and fruits for brunch in the room.
It felt like typical afternoon, and I really loved it.
No one was busy to do something which made the house really peaceful and warm.

For dinner, we had appointment with two other family friends.
After stuffing our tummies, we all came back to my dad's friends' house
to celebrate the day.

We all munched on our Christmas cake with some more late night snacks.
It felt like we were having a big family reunion because of so much funny jokes,
chats, food, and happiness.

This is how I spent this holiday.
I basically stayed all days with my family which was lovely.
Plus, we made some new Christmas tradition such as xmas brunch, huge baking session on the eve, and eating Christmas cake with spoon like ice cream!

I hope you all had amazing Christmas this year and
can't wait for next year's holiday season :)


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