Hello, December.

4:36:00 AM

Waiting for Christmas

Among all the 12 months, I can say that December is the month
for my house to be fancier than ever throughout the year.
It recently became another holiday tradition to decorate our house before December.
My mom was the one who came with this brilliant idea
to turn our ivy plant in the living room into a Christmas tree.

Well, this might sound like something you've never heard before because
even my sisters and I weren't sure about it when mom suggested it.
But it turned out to be the best and the most unique idea for our house!

Since our ivy plant was long enough to be hung up around
the windows/door to the balcony,
we basically got little ornaments and just put them on the little ivy stalks.

Before sharing some snippets of our version of Christmas tree,
the theme for this year is red, green, white, and gold!
(Green is inevitable to remove because of the ivy plant)

Here are the overviews of the 'Christmas tree'.
For this year, the ivy grew longer that it surrounded 3 walls.
So I needed to go out and shop some more lights and ornaments
which was so satisfying and festive.

I took these pictures with the living room lights on,
but the entire living room will be cozier with lights off.
Those chubby fairy lights really add the Christmas+tumblr vibe to the place.

And detailed shots of our tree.
Well, I now feel like 'Christmas plant' would be more accurate!
Those ornaments are all from different markets,
but they're mostly made out of felt and christmasy patterned fabrics.
We added some bells, stockings, more fairy lights, and more baubles this year.

Once this main decoration was set up in the living room,
I felt some kind of responsibility/little guilt on my room.
Therefore, I turned another place in our house into Christmas-appropriate room.

First, I replaced all spring/summery stuffs with autumn/winter related stuffs.
And brought out all the Christmas related things from the boxes.
But it looked kinda boring so I got another fairy lights to hang around our room.
Plus, never forget some paper garlands to add some colors.

Advent Calendars!!!
Sadly, Korea really don't have a thing for advent calendars for holiday season.
I found these during my Tokyo trip at Disney store and local markets.
We definitely got some other cute ones as gifts.
Disney advent calendar is the best one so far because it got candy wrappers with
bunch of disney characters on it and mickey shaped biscuit as well!
(My sisters and I literally jumped with joy when the biscuit came out)

This is how our room looks like when we turn the fairy lights on.
It actually feels like a larger version of den we used to make when we were younger.
Turning these lights on every night really makes us
more and more excited for this Christmas.

Aside from cozin' our rooms up, I've been doing some other stuffs that are christmassy!

I baked cinnamon roll cookies for the first time.
I was craving for some cinnamon, so this was the best treat to munch on
not only for me, but also for the rest of my family.
We also had some Sunday morning hot chocolate without any guilt
just because it's December.
I added some marshmallows, chocolates, and pinch of cinnamon
for the richer taste! Yummmmmm

I've done making Christmas cards and shopping ugly Christmas sweaters last weekend!

I'm definitely gonna do more things till Christmas.
(baking xmas cookies&cupcakes, watching some films,
gift wrapping, and a lot more to come up on this blog!)

But for now, let me finish my first Christmas post with pictures of my town
when it snowed and turned the place into a white wonderland.



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