I wander: pre-new year's trip

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I wander

To start the very first blog post of 2016, I planned to write about my new year's resolutions. But plans may always change, and I had some more things from 2015
to share with you. (Tbh, I put off this post to write since I got too lazy
after being in a hyper mode of Christmas & New Year cheers combo)

So this is another 'I wander' post.
This time, I wandered a part of South Korea province/little city with my families.
Personally, I like to call this trip as our 'pre-new year's trip / post Christmas trip.

It was exactly a week ago from today, and we had a whole day only for this trip.
It was like having a short version of family road trip!
My family and my aunt's family had planned this trip since last summer,
so all of us were quite happy and excited to finally go for it before 2015 ends.

As a girl who looooves to travel from places to places, I've been trying to 
explore more parts of my country. Even though South Korea is not a huge country compared to many other ones around the world, I still got so many places 
that I've never visited in my life.

After riding a car for almost 4 hours, we finally arrived, at the place we visited
last year, with the same family members.
I took a lot of photos there.
Even though I once visited this place last year, it still felt magical
to be surrounded by nature and the temples.

The place we visited is called "Sa-seong ahm", a temple located in the mountain valley
at the southwest part of South Korea.
Every time we go here, my mom lights the lotus lantern for my grandmother
who passed away when I was 5 or 6.
This time, I brought some of my own money to add it on 
my grandmother's new lotus lantern. I thought that this would be a meaningful thing 
to do not only for her, but also for my mom even though I only have 
few fading memories about my grandmother.

The weather was perfect.
Well, the sun wasn't out; however, it was really warm and toasty.
I couldn't stop myself to take 10+ photos of the same sky-
I mean, look at it! The sunlight peeking out of the cloud.
Isn't that the most amazing thing to see?

Since the temple is located on the mountain, we could also see some paragliders
flying in the clear blue sky.
The whole place was really calm and peaceful that no one was talking out loud,
but all of them seemed very happy to be there with family.

I love visiting temples.
The nature and the clean air of it always let me to have a time to get out of
all my worries and pointless thoughts.

It was a foggy day and the place was surrounded by white fogs which made it
even more magical and tranquil.

I can still clearly remember how it was to be in there.
Harmony of little wind chimes hanging on the roofs, shadows of mountain valleys,
sound of bamboo leaves waving by the wind, families hanging their new year wishes
on the strings, and the serene scenery of the place.

On the way out, we met this little fluffy buddy living in the temple.
As a dog person (and a cat person too. Yeah, I love both), I definitely took some pics
of it before I left the place. He/she was so adorable
that he/she came straight to us wagging its fluffy white tail!

My pre-new year's trip was UH-mazing.
It was such a great time to spend the whole day with my family,
and also the time to reflect myself and to set new plans for the upcoming year.

I would strongly recommend everyone out there to visit temples, specially those that
are in the mountains. There are tons of advantages of it including the random temple puppy that is too cute to handle. Why don't you add 'to have a time to take an
adventure to the nature with your friends/families' on the new year's resolutions?

And, happy new year!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! Happy New Year!


    1. It was such a wonderful time to spend with my family :D Happy New Year Sora!

  2. Your writing is so good I felt like I was visiting that temple. Sounds like a calm and magical place. :)


    1. Awww thanks Ermal! And yes, it was magical indeed :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. :((((( so beautiful :((((



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