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random pictures from random places

I am a photo-collector. 
I looooooove collecting photos from all the different places on the internet.
Well, Tumblr, Instagram, and Wehearit are the top 3 places 
where I hit heart buttons most.
I just enjoy to go over the pictures I liked or saved whenever I'm bored.
My collection of all the random pictures from random places 
never gets me tedious because every single of them are lovely!

Now, I'm going to share few themes of pics I recently got obsessed.
Hope you'll find them cute as much as I do.

1. Summer

50 shades of Blue!
That's what summer is all about.
Clear light blue sky and deep blue ocean!
It gets even more perfect with some other hues: 
light yellow from the sand, rocky gray from the stones 
or basically all the pop of colors screams summer is here!

I noticed myself gathering all the summer pics.
Most of them are taken at the beach and has so much summery vibes.
I am definitely craving for vacation right now. 

2. Realistic side of Disney

As a huge Disney fan, I obviously have collection of my favorite Disney scenes.
Technically, every moments in the movies.
Recently, I found some realistic captures that I can actually relate in my daily life.

Here are some of my favorite picks:
The picture of Bell so much into her book.
 Alice's OMG, what-have-I-done face.
Alice falling into deeeeep rabbit hole.

Without any doubt, I am going to fall in love with more themes throughout the broad ranges of the awesome pictures on the internet :D

all photos credit from Tumblr & Wehearit

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