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I wander

During my 5 days in Tokyo, I can say that the third day was the day when
I took the most pictures from the entire trip.
We went to Tokyo DisneySea!

Okay, this may look quite childish and immature,
but it was my very first time to be in a Disney-related theme park.
(you know, like Disneyworld and Disneylands all over the world)

I and my sisters were waiting for going to DisneySea not only because it's just Disney,
but also it only exists in Tokyo.
(which means a lot of DisneySea-exclusive treats and stuffs to buy)
So, we even decided what to wear before we even went to Tokyo.

On the D-day, we needed to wake up super early since the place
would open at 8 in the morning.
I won't deny that everyone was really tired to get ready and to travel
all the way to Maihama station, where the Disney monorail is,
but the excitement was much bigger than tiredness.
I bet even the adults were excited for DisneySea adventure ahead of us!

After arriving at Maihama station and switch to the Disney monorail,
(btw those workers from Disneyland/DisneySea are the best! They were soooo
sweet and welcoming even though we couldn't speak any Japanese)
the first Disney-thing we met was already so freaking adorable.

The monorail itself was screaming Disney!
I've seen these cute little mickey handles only in the pictures,
so I couldn't even.
The monorail got us more into the Disney spirits!

When we arrived at the station, everyone of us ran straight to the terrace right in front.
And this was the scenery we saw.
It felt as if we teleported to another world.

We went inside around 9 which wasn't what we've planned.
So my sister and I needed to rush to get the fast-pass tickets for rides.
Sadly, the rides in Toy Story place were all full.
We decided to ride another one called 'Center Of The Earth'.

After having a quick snack-like breakfast in front of giant globe,
we started our journey to the DisneySea.

There would be some Disney characters appearing at anywhere, at anytime in DisneySea.
And the first characters we saw were......

Donald & Daisy!
Even though I knew they were just huge dolls with people inside,
these two were sooooo adorable.
They were marching like little children while holding hands *heart melted

As we walked in, we could meet even more characters.

We met these friends from Pinocchio!
Can you believe that we got an autograph from Jiminey Cricket?
And Marie from Aristocats.
She was literally the largest white cat I've ever met but the best!

The symbol of Tokyo DisneySea: the volcano.
The volcano kept on making errupting sounds and fire time by time.
  It's not in the picture, but there were mommy duck and ducklings on the sea!
I was obviously falling in love with this place.

Then we headed to the bridge connecting to the other themed places.
Along the sides of the bridges, they basically created smaller version of Venice.
We leaned on the fence and waved at the people on the boats
while listening to the gondoliers' serenade.

This amazing place is called Toy Story Mania.
(such an appropriate name for me)
It was full of details and festivity.
Even a single bench was decorated with characters from the movie.
We took a quick glance at it since we planned to come back here at night.

As we slowly headed to the volcano, where our first ride was waiting for us,
we saw this fancy castle/house.
Surprisingly, it was the scariest ride in DisneySea called the Tower of Terror.

Here, let's take a moment of appreciation to this popcorn container.
One of the best thing in DisneySea was the popcorn.
Popcorn places are everywhere at DisneySea but they sell
different flavored ones in different characters!
This Alien had the black peppered popcorn in it
which was much nicer than we expected.
(we thought it would taste like spicy black pepper)

Since the fast-pass tickets were now available,
we went to the volcano to get our first ride.
'Center Of The Earth' was quite thrilling ride because it had a kick at the end-
going down really really fast through the center of the volcano!
My 11 year old little sister got scared at first, but she got too much
excitement and big smile after riding it :D

DisneySea had a lot of ocean themed places all over it.
This lighthouse and the sailing boats at the Duffy place
were one of the cutest thing in here.
Thankfully, the weather was perfect on that day,
so every pictures we took could be picturesque.

More treats!
That iconic mickey popsicle (orange flavored) and Duffy milk tea
helped us to keep the spirits before lunch.

We started to get hungry, hot, and exhausted as the weather got warmer.
However, we had another fast ticket to get!
The Indiana Jones ride.


The amazing fact about DisneySea is that they built every themed districts
with so much efforts and details that every time we went to other ones,
the whole atmosphere changed.

This time, we were in Indiana Jones land, I felt like I've found
a forgotten place where Harrison Ford was meant to explore.

After getting our next fast pass tickets, it was time for lunch!

To be honest, majority of food at DisneySea were pricey.
Well, we had no choice because we were starving.
We found this huge sandwich/burger place at the streets full of
retro and American 60's vibes.

We ordered shrimp avocado bagel, turkey grilled panini, and 
huge turkey ham sandwich with some fizzy drinks.
They were all delicious and we devoured on all of them!

Our stomachs were full, weather was perfect, and we had many more places to see.
But we spent some relaxing time to take a look around of small streets.

It was a great time to enjoy the peaceful parts of DisneySea
where we could have some family chats and selfies.

Never forget to have a good dessert after meal.
A warm sugary churro at the castle.

While we were moving to Aladin themed part, we found princess' meet and greet.
It was Ariel!!!
She's one of my all time favorite Disney princesses along with
Rapunzel, Elsa, and Aurora.
When my sisters and I saw her, we freaked out and couldn't talk.
(even though we reminded ourselves saying how much she practiced to sound like Ariel)
Three of us were fangirling so hard that we talked how she was adorable
for next 20 minutes.

Well, the palace is Jasmine's but still!
DisneySea did it again, I felt like I went right into the movie screen.
Plus, it literally smelled like herbs and curry.

On that day, I rode the prettiest merry-go-around in the world.
It was a two story merry-go-around with so many colors and lights.
Moreover, it had some genies to ride instead of horses.
Seeing the whole view of Jasmine's palace while listening to
'Whole New World' was magical!


On the way out, we saw Genie and the flying carpets.
We finally decided to come back again at night to re-appreciate this place.

The Indiana Jones ride was something that anyone (friends, families, kids, and adults)
could enjoy. There were such things as zipping down the rail or horrific monsters.
The whole effects were extremely realistic enough
to experience the Indiana Jones adventures.

After the sunset, we then visited the last place we hadn't been yet-
The Mermaid Lagoon.
It was the place that was perfect for DisneySea's whole theme.

As I got closer and closer to King Triton's castle,
I felt like I was under the sea! (Believe me, it was that magical)

It's sad how the pictures can't take what my eyes saw.
The castle gleamed with lights like the sunlight hitting colorful seashells underwater.
Of course, there were Little Mermaid soundtracks going on.
And of course, we sang along!

I'm not even kidding, as soon as we saw this magical scene,
everyone including my parents went "woooooooooooow".
I mean, if this is where Ariel lives, I would never want to leave!

The Mermaid Lagoon also had the most adorable store as well.
The Whale Shop.
It reminded me of Pinocchio trapped in the whale's stomach
because of its massive size.
And the eyes of it literally moved slowly!

We were extremely incredibly severely exhausted as we got out of the lagoon.
However, we could never miss the highlight of the day: The DisneySea Illumination
We went to the main plaza where tons of people already gathered.
I was impressed again with the people because
no one was pushing each other or trying to squeeze in to nowhere.
Everyone was following lines and rules to watch the show together.

And the Disney Illumination started!

I was actually worried- what if the show would be quite disappointing?
Well, Disney never did and never will.
All Disney movies and songs kept on playing with
amazing lights, water fountain, and fireworks.

At first, I tried to take pictures and videos as much as I could.
But at the end, I just enjoyed it without any camera or phone.
It was definitely a highlight of the day that made us
to forget about the hunger and sore feet.

Before we leave this magical land, we didn't forget to visit Toy Mania again.
And it was probably the best thing we did on that day.

I would never ever forget this experience in my life.
It was so beautiful that I slightly became emotional.
We just stood there for couple of minutes gazing on those little lights.

It was the place where everyone could be happy with no worries on minds.
All the festivity and happiness made it brighter and more cheerful.
Let me be honest, I didn't want to leave.
I'm quite sure my sisters felt the same way.

This somehow made my day and my heart complete.
I've got friends in Toyville!

And we left Tokyo DisneySea.
I and my family were tired than ever.
Ironically, no one complained about it. We all kept on smiling till we got home.
We had dinner/late night munchies as we chatted
and shared about out experiences at DisneySea.

 Our next goal became visiting Disneyland and Disneyworld!
I would never forget this day not because I spent some days
back in Korea editing all the photos I've taken,
but because of all the hours we had as a family.

It was where all of us could go back into our childhood
and be ourselves without thinking about works, problems, schools and so on.

Thanks, Disney!
And  huge hugs and kisses to my family♥


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  1. Wow! Those pictures make it look like you had an amazing time and I'm sure that you did! This post really makes me want to have a vacation, like, right now. Haha. :)


  2. Wow! Those pictures make it look like you had an amazing time and I'm sure that you did! This post really makes me want to have a vacation, like, right now. Haha. :)


    1. Thanks Aimee! I already miss having vacation so I need another one ASAP haha
      I'll also visit your blog xx

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! It was definitely one of my favorite places I've ever been :D xx


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