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I eat

My previous post, I wander: Tokyo, showed overall highlights of my whole adventure.
Except food!
which is one of the most important contributing factors to the successful trip.

I've taken pictures of about 80% of what I've eaten in Tokyo.
(20% goes when I was starving to death that I didn't mind to take some pics)

After browsing through all of photos and choosing out what to share on here,
I decided to do another post, exclusively about food I had.
Because I'm a huge foodie Duh!

Day 1.

First dinner at Shinjuku.
This amazing miso katsu donburi is from the restaurant called
'Wako', which is a popular katsu place all over Japan.
The egg and the rice were the best combo with the crunchy but tender katsu.
There were so much food but I finished it anyway!

We obviously came back to our airbnb home with loads of food
from japanese convenience stores.
All those convenience stores in Japan have amazing little treats
from appetizer to desserts (you can literally have a course meal in there).

Along with the other snacks like gyoza, chinese pork buns, and chips,
I chose this yougurt-flavored beer.
It may sound weird but it was the packaging that got me to get it!
And for those who don't like drinks that taste like drinks (if you get it! *wink),
this will never go wrong to you.

It literally tasted like frozen yogurt with some fizz going on.
But be aware, still got some alcohol in it!

Day 2.

Dango and takoyaki.
These two of the most common, but loved by all generations street food
were selling in Asakusa market streets.

To be honest, the soy flavored dango was toooooo sweet with weird texture for me.
The one that my sister got tasted really good though.
Chewy and healthy at the same time!

For takoyaki in Asakusa, I don't recommend this to you.
It was too fishy to finish :(

Day 3.

Day 3 was the most chilled and relaxed yet productive day.
We basically spent good 4 hours roaming around for shopping.

After visiting Shibuya, everyone suddenly got exhausted and needed some sugar.
We moved to Omotesando hills to take a sweet break.

Then we found this- Magnolia Bakery.
At that time of the year, the place was full of autumn vibes and ready for thanksgiving.
My sisters and I decided to get three cupcakes and banana pudding to bring home
so we could share them with all of the people.

Here's how adorable the Magnolia Bakery was.
It looked like pinterest diy goals that I would attempt to do but fail.

I got cupcake boxes and pudding in my hands and we were ready to go back home.
While going to the subway, we found......

We couldn't stop ourselves to get in there because we felt
some sugar, specially ice cream, was urgent.

Chocolate, strawberry&white chocolate, mint chocolate chips.
Well we all obviously got chocolate based ones,
but they were beyond heaven as in we forgot our painful burning feet.

We then headed back home with all the shopping bags
from Shibuya and Omotesando hills.
And there was no one.
The house was as empty as my piggy bank.
Our parents were having a dinner out so we got to the situation
where we needed to prepare our dinner.

After frying, grilling, chopping, yelling, kitchen-dancing, blah blah......

We did it!
It was one of the happiest experience we had in Tokyo.
The whole process of cooking with those fresh ingredients from the local markets
and the final product really made us so proud and just HAPPY.
It almost felt like having a Thanksgiving+Christmas dinner.

Desserts of the day.
We ended up getting sugar-high from the frosting and whipped cream.

Day 4.

Nom nom nom at Disney Sea.
(another post!)

Day 5.

The last day to eat food in Tokyo.
There were so many things we still hadn't tried but we were satisfied enough
with what we had for last four days.

Before going into Shinjuku gyoen(an awesome park),
a little cafe caught my eyes.
It was a croissant place!
I got chocolate croissant, croque monsieur, pizza bread,
and strawberry banana smoothie.
Those were all DELICIOUS.
My sisters and I sometimes crave that smoothie at random times.

In Shinjuku gyoen, we walked through some gardens
while munching on these little star candies.
I don't know why but these were the most 'japanese' snack I had!

Before heading to the airport, we ate the final meal in Tokyo- Udon.

Well, my family's foodie-ness didn't end till we actually left Japan.
I felt like we still forgot something to eat,
and they were Okonomiyaki and yakisoba.
So I spent all my money left on the food at the airport (and some to Victoria Secret).

I actually had a weird misconception about those food at the airport.
I always thought they would probably taste like baby food or not-worth-money taste.
These proved me to be wrong!
I and my parents even got beer to go along with these great snack.

With full filled stomach(of food) and heart(of happiness),
we got on the plane and came home.

There were some other food and snacks that were quite horrible,
but we let those pass with laughter and giggles.
Travel is all about trying new things and there may be failure or success!
At the end, those all goes to your core memories.(Inside Out reference!!!)
Experiences and memories on food in Tokyo will always be
majority of Joy along with little bits of sadness, disgust, fear, and anger :D


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  1. everything looks good, i would absolutely love to visit one day!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Yes! I would really recommend Tokyo to visit :D xx


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