My Christmas To-Do List

1:44:00 AM

4 days till Christmas!

On last year, I had planned too many things to do, to eat, and to buy.
At the beginning, I thought it would be the best Christmas ever, with all my perfect plans.
Well, it's still sad to recall, but it was the worst one I've ever had.

Some of the plans I had didn't work the way I wanted them to be.
And I was depressed.
I think my mind was trying to be as festive as I could be when I wasn't ready
to REALLY understand and to REALLY enjoy Christmas.

Christmas 2014 passed with some lessons left on my head...

First, Christmas is not a season to show off what you bought and got.
Second, happy Christmas 100% depends on how your family is happy about it.
Third, share your festivity with families and friends. Make them love Christmas!

So, this year, I could make some changes...

First, I didn't buy Christmas cards. I made them!
Second, I chose to watch Christmas films at home with my family instead of
forcing them to go out with me to see the Christmas lights.
Third, my to-do list is not a fancy one anymore.

I still planned to do some festive things; however, they were neither fancy nor boring.
They are all about little things that we can do as a family.

1. Making Christmas cards
2. Baking cookies & cakes
3. Watching Christmas films
4. Not forgetting to open our advent calendars
5. Wearing Christmas sweaters
6. Having a festive sister-pamper session

These might look really basic and effortless.
But I learned that not everyone is sooooo exciting for Christmas like me.
I tried to make all of the to-do list to be casual and easy.

Fortunately, this totally worked.
For this year's holiday season, starting from the first day of December to
21st of December(which is today), not one has been complaining
about what we've been doing and what we will do.

Having pointless chats while watching Home Alone under the warm blanket,
sitting around the table to attempt to create the perfect christmas cards,
and gathering to open the advent calendars taught not only me,
but my sisters and my parents to love Christmas little more.

We now have exciting events to go as a family for the rest of the day till Christmas.
I'm quite sure that our hearts will be full with festivity and happiness
as it gets closer to Christmas.
Personally, I can't wait to see people's faces when I and my sisters give
our handmade xmas cards and some sweet treats.

The best part about creating our own Christmas cards was that
each card could be personalized.
We didn't need to worry to choose the best designs along the aisle for each person
since we were the one who drew, painted, and did everything on the cards.
We knew that all the people would be glad to receive our cards
even though they had imperfections.

Let me give some sneak peeks of my cards before I give them to my family & friends!

All I needed were red & green papers, paints, color pencils, and sparkly colored papers.
Except for the red & green papers, I and my sisters used what we had in our drawers
full of art & craft materials!

On the inside of the cards, I decorated them with shining tin foil-like papers
to add the image of sparkly lights and ornaments.
I created different decors for each person and my favorite ones are
what I've made for my parents.
I simply cut out the gold paper in the shape of an award badge
to jokingly award them as the best mom & dad!

I totally recommend all of you to make your own versions of Christmas cards this year.
I think this would be the new Christmas tradition for me and my sisters.
Having a huge craft session with carols playing on the side
was one of the most successful one I had on my Christmas to-do list 2015.

So why not bring out your crafty skills with your families and friends around the table
to make your own unique holiday cards to share festivity and love?


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  1. I love the idea of making your own Christmas cards so much, I definitely have to do it! Great post xx

    1. Thanks☺ I'm considering this as my new xmas tradition! Hope you'll try it too! Xx


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