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During the winter time, specially for Christmas season, one of the spices
we all get to use more often than we do in other seasons is cinnamon.
Cinnamon reminds me of warmth that help everyone to cope the coldness.
Anything cinnaomony- rolls, cookies, tea, hot chocolate, and so on- never goes
wrong on the chilly weather. It almost feels like having a good sip of
thick hot chocolate by the fireplace with some cozy socks on.

This morning, before I had brunch with mom and my sister,
I noticed the whole loaf of bread left on the table.
My mom told me to check the expiration date, and it was near to be expired!
I put the whole loaf of it right into the fridge,
so it wouldn't get any fungus or something even worse.

While eating the first meal of the day, I've got an idea to turn
those breads into some treats that go well with this time of the year.
Cinnamon rusks!

I have never made any kinds of rusks before,
but I've seen my mom turning the end bits of breads into crispy garlic breads.
So, as soon as I finished eating, I went off to bake cinnamon rusks.

It literally took less than 30 minutes including the time I've spent on
searching for accurate recipes.
And I thought why not share this quick yummy treats recipe with you?!
So prepare yourself to the cinnamon rusks, that will make your
winter more festive and tasty.

Cinnamon rusks
Time: 20 min-30 min
Difficulty: Super easy!
Oven: 180 ºC (don't forget to preheat the oven!)

Step 1.
First things first, get out all the ingredients.

You'll need:
two slices of bread
20g melted butter
sugar (I used brown sugar)

If you want to make more rusks, just add 10g of butter for one slice of bread.
Here's the rusk equation- a slice of bread=10g of butter

Step 2.
Chop the breads into the size you want the rusks to be.
I wanted them to be bite-sizes.

Step 3.
Melt the butter and add some sugar for little sweetness on the bread.
I added two tsp of brown sugar and mixed until it dissolves.

Step 4.
Align all the breads on the baking parchment paper.
This process made me somehow satisfied because all of it made into one pan.

Step 5.
Now, add melted butter on all the sides of the breads.
You can either brush on it using silicon brush or
simply dip each pieces into the butter.

Step 6.
Put them in the preheated oven (at 180 ºC) for 15-20 min.
Shifting the pan after 10 min will make all the rusks
evenly golden brown and crispy.

Step 7.
After the oven made a ding! sound, (or whatever sounds your oven makes!)
take them out and put all the rusks in the plastic bag.

Step 8.
Add two tsp of cinnamon and 4 tsp of sugar into the plastic bag.
Seal the bag tightly and shake it!
This is the best part of making cinnamon rusks because you can do the 'shaking dance'.
Shake the bag until you feel like all the rusks got evenly covered with cinnamon sugar.

Step 9.
Get little rusks out and serve them on any cute plates you have!
Enjoy it with your favorite tea or hot chocolate.

As soon as I made these cinnamon rusks, half of them were gone in few minutes.
They are definitely one of the addictive treats to snack on.
Moreover, you can always create your own unique rusks by coating them with
melted chocolate, cocoa powder, sprinkles, caramel, etc instead of cinnamon sugar.

I would love to make more cinnamon rusks this winter when there'll be leftover breads
from breakfast toasts and sandwiches.

Why don't you try to make them with me?


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    1. Thanks Hilary! I'll definitely follow your blog. Quite sure I'm gonna love your blog xx

  2. YUM! These look delicious! I enjoyed reading this!

    Shannon Sage

    1. Thanks Shannon! Glad you liked it :D They were delicious xx

  3. These look so nice! x

  4. This looks so yummy! And easy to bake as well. Must give it a try.



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