I bake

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I bake

Baking is something that I do randomly. I usually bake cookies when I feel like it is a baking kind of day. Even though I am never a pro at it, I bake at least once in two months. I love how I get to fully focus in every steps until little pieces come out of oven. From measuring to cleaning, it allows me to have no time on anything, but only baking.

So... I baked two days ago. I didn't even plan to do it the night before cause I was busy staring at the pitch-black ceiling as everyone does. I woke up and felt like making some cookies. And I did it!

Every time I bake, I always choose two different kinds- chocolate chip cookies with madeleine or blueberry cookies with some muffins. For that day, I chose chocolate chip cookies and cranberry nuts cookies. I turned some music on, set all the ingredients , and got my camera out! 
Here are some of the snaps I took for 4 hours of producing goodies.

First, I got all the ingredients out on the table for two recipes.
Opened my recipe notes,
measured sugar, butter, flour, chocolate chips, walnuts, and all the others,
started to make my cookie dough of the day.

Creamy butter: one of the most beautiful swirl in the world!

After mixing dry ingredients with wet mixture, I added dried cranberries, sliced almonds, and crushed walnuts to turn it into a yummy cookie dough.

Got my first batch line up! *make proud uh-hum sound*
I just love different pattern each piece has with colors.

And there I go, cannot stop staring into the oven until they become golden brown.
Plus, the smell of goodness all over the house! Ahhhhh!!

Yeah-hey! My first batch turned out really well.
Then I finished my second and third batches of cranberry nuts cookies.

I headed to the next cookie- chocolate chip cookies.
Of course, I nibbled on this cookie dough again.

I didn't put any chocolates on 1/4 of the cookies because my mom prefers cookies with no chocolate on. But with the 3/4, I added my lovely chocolate chips and even tried little chunks of sneakers on it. Chocolate chip cookies, ready! Yummmmmm

So, here I present to you, my result of 4-hours-baking.
Whole tray filled with two kinds of delicious goodies :-)

I also made cookie cups for the first time ever and it was a success!
Can't wait to devour icecream cookie cup with my sisters...

That day's baking turned out to be a success on both types of cookies. 
But sometimes, I really mess up with the recipe and get little gloomy throughout the day. Well, that is one of the lure of baking to me. It teaches me to try something new and be proud even though there may be a bit of fail.

I hope you liked my first post about baking if there's anyone out there?



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