Family Adventure to Nami Island

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As winter starts to fade and sunlight peeks out from the cold clouds, I miss fall again.
The fresh chilly air between winter and spring has reminded me of fall,
so I took my photos taken on Nami Island last November.

My family and I visited Nami Island on one Saturday of last November.
Ever since I was a kid, we've been visiting there time by time as a family. In fact, I've never been there with anyone,
but my family. So this island is one of the places that I can bring back on to my memory cells
whenever I dive into random childhood nostalgia.

I remember throwing colorful fall leaves, playing tags with my sisters, snacking from the lunch box,
walking through the tall tress, attempting my first two-wheel bike ride, and they all remain 
as my wanna-go-back childhood memories of all time.

Somehow for multiple reasons (it's located out of Seoul, my sisters and I were studying outside the country, and so on), we didn't get to visit there for almost 10 years. It was really great that my family planned a day trip to Nami Island not only because we haven't been there for a decade, but also because it was the perfect season for us to enjoy.

In order to enter the island, a ticket and a boat ride are two must-do steps.

Dad, the photographer of the day.

Riding a boat to the island made us really excited and ready for the adventure ahead of us.

The whole island was literally covered in fall leaves.
One of the best parts was that everyone was interacting with each other rather than staring into their phones.
They were all enjoying the moments with their families, friends and lovers.
People walking & running on the wide meadow and chatting with laughter
on the grass are two contagiously happy things.

My favorite sisters, my mom & my aunt.

More sisters.
All of us were under the tree, gathering handful of leaves to finally throw them in the air.
Even though this seems like nothing, we were thrilled to do it cause Seoul didn't really
have enough fall leaves last year!

I could spot beautiful colors of fall throughout the day.
A balance between vividness and softness.

Nature-made patterns

An iconic metasequoia footpath.
We always take our family photo here (and I think every family would do the same on this island lol)

Walking and walking.

And this is what you see when you look up.

Dear readers, if you're visiting Nami Island, please don't forget to bring a polaroid camera.
I don't have to explain why. (just bring it and you'll know why)

My dad was literally carrying the camera all day long to take pictures of us.
Thank you dadaaaaaa

Endless photo taking was worth it at the end of the day.
We shared all our photos from Nami Island and laughed soooo much that my little cousin got a stomachache!

And there's typical me, doing pointless thing
(I call this 'a part of princess lessons I once saw on Princess Diary or something').

Spending a day with your family in the nature is just an amazing way to turn the whole day into a very valuable, memorable day. Choosing a place where you used to visit with your parents and siblings would be even better!
A family day adventure would make you love the season even more like this island did to me.

If you're brainstorming for family bonding this year, you don't have to overthink.
A place where y'all can relate and recall good memories and a day is all you need.
Whether it's a road trip or even a little picnic, I'm sure that day would be your another favorite memory.


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