Taiwan Adventure 2017

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I'm so excited to finally share this on my blog.
From the 20th to 24th of February, I went on another family trip to Taiwan!
It was right before the start of my college sophomore year, and I was so ready for the trip
cause I knew that I'll never have time to go abroad after the semester starts.

We'd been waiting for this trip for almost a year.
It was only me and my sister who were supposed to visit Taiwan for vacay,
but it ended up as a big family trip since we all had enough flight mileage to fly for free!

We stayed in Taiwan for 4 nights & 5 days.
I honestly loved everything there, from places to food, it's just an amazing country to be!

Of course, I took the most number of pictures I've ever taken in my entire life
and this is why I had to separate my adventure post into at least three parts.
I hope y'all love my Taiwan adventure and enjoy my little stories in between.

※This post has tons of photos, you can scroll all of them down at anytime.

Day 1

Finally the D-day had come.
Despite my pre-travel excitement, I had a great sleep before going to the airport. (Thank you part-time job)
So with refreshed body & brain, we headed to Incheon National Airport, where our adventure officially began.

Into the plane!
As you see, it was super clear & sunny in Korea, so we hoped for Taiwan's weather to be the same.

It was such a pleasant flight.
I sometimes get airsick and never get to sleep properly
that lets me down so much during the trip due to piled up fatigue.
But this time, I didn't have a headache, ate my meal, took a nap & saw magical scenery in the cloud.

Then, we successfully arrived to our airbnb, located in the very city of Taipei, Ximending.
And this was the perfect one for the night view of Taipei.

After another nap till evening, we finally had enough energy to explore the city.
We headed out to our first night in Taiwan, filled with humid air,
smells of endless street food, motorcycles and street lights.

This is Longshan Temple, one of the most well-known temples of the country.
It was really crowded, but I loved seeing the classical Taiwanese architecture & how their people live in it.

This was the most 'glam' temple I've ever been.
Every building had its own superduper detailed sculptures, designs & decorations.
I would've felt that it was too much if this was a Korean traditional temple,
but after realizing that I was in Taiwanese temple, all of these numerous decors made sense.

We burned our incense & made wishes.

Look at these lanterns. I would never be able to see these much decorated lanterns in Korean temples
except at the lantern festival!
They were just casually hanging on the roof, I even saw a sandwich lantern there.

Then we went to the night market near the temple, tired some street food which were sooooooooo goooooood.
That was the time I started to fall in love with this country.

'I love their food = I love this country' is my life equation!

Me @ Taipei, Day 1.

Day 2

This view was the first thing I would see when I wake up in Taiwan.

The weather of the second day was the best one among all the other days.
And we were so lucky that we planned to visit somewhere that sunlight is the most important thing.

Little corners of my Taipei aribnb.

After gulping my first bobba tea in Taiwan (which was bomb),
we went to the Taiwan MRT train aka Taipei subway!

Let me tell you, Taiwan has the best subway system ever.
It's really easy & fast to go around the city, my sister & I kept saying that this deserves Nobel Prize.
We had zero difficulty to ride the right trains and transfer to another unlike we did in Tokyo few years ago.

We visited Tamsui, a beautiful place along the Tamsui river.

After lunch, we first went to Museum Fort San Domingo, the former British counselor's residence.

I loved every parts of it.
The mixture of old British & Taiwanese designs was really beautiful
& I loved wandering the building where sunlight rayed through the large glass windows.

Then for our coffee break, we went to the famous Tamsui Starbucks.
I remember watching the river & a man playing saxophone through the little gaps of the sun blind.

Sunset in Tamsui.
No reasons why we shouldn't spend a whole day there.

On our way back to the station, we stopped over this store to try this super famous Tamsui sponge cake.
I literally thought this could be my bed, it was soooooo fluffy and jiggly.
We ate it right away when it was still warm and soft.
It was the softest carb in my life, I wouldn't choke even if I accidentally swallowed the whole piece.

Then, we headed to one of the most popular night market in Taiwan, Shilin Market.
Since it was just few stations away from Tamsui,
it was super convenient and easy for us to stop over the market on our way home!

We bought varieties of Taiwanese souvenirs there,
I really recommend to visit there if you're planning to visit Taiwan someday!

I still can't handle this adorableness here.
Taiwan night markets have tons of vendors selling such cute stuffs ranging from little coin purses to makeup pouches! Who would be able to just pass them away if they're all hanging on the walls?
It seems like each of those are saying 'Please buy me...'

We came back home before the midnight, it was a long long day!
But before I took all my makeup off, we had to take few selfies with the night view of the city.

And this is how our first two days of Taiwan adventure went.
Despite our dry eyes due to contact lenses, swollen feet & just general travelling tiredness,
nobody got annoyed or complained about anything.
I'm so grateful to have such perfect travel buddies which is my whole fam!

Out remaining adventure was amazing as much as this, so keep your eyes on this series!


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