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February & March.

Back here again! It's clear that I didn't come back to my blog after I realized only a month
was left between me and new college year.
My winter break was super sweet, by that I mean, I never went out but stayed in all day looooooong until my mom almost begged me to go out and have some vitamin C and fresh air. But c'mon, it's WINTER BREAK.

So I ended up gaining weights and now I weigh the heaviest I've ever been in my life.
No regrets, no regrets.
I really had a relaxing break for 3 months.
And a week before my college sophomore year starts, my family and I went on a trip to Taiwan
and it became another favorite memory of my life.

I'm so ready to share all my photos and stories from our Taiwan trip, next two posts are gonna be amazing!
But I thought a good old catch up post needed to come first to set my blog timeline
in order due to my vacancy for almost 2 months.

So here's my record of last two months, it's full of springy feelings!

We've recently added a record player to our household.
And it means we get to spend another bunch of money on vinyls! Yay!!!
Luckily, a vinyl & record player shop is pretty near my house,
so my sister came home with the very first vinyl of the year, Broods.

Even though my dad has quite a selection of vinyls from the 90's, - The Beatles and George Michael are there!
- we also wanted to try out some of our recent fav releases.

And the feeling when it finally plays with its unique crackling sound, it's just a pure excitement.

I remember baking this cause I felt so much spring even though it was super cold outside.
A typical me, get obsessed with every season so much ahead of time.

This apple cake is one of my go-to homemade goodies cause it's super fast, easy to make from scratch.
And guys, it's vegan. (but has that taste of 'omg, is it really vegan?')

As soon as I felt spring coming, the first thing that came upon my mind was to finally take  off the decorations
from last Christmas & New Year's day and switch them with something bright & light.

I printed some posters of my timeless fav films & books and taped them on the wall.
It was as simple as that & with the little help from fairylights, it became soooooo pretty.
I really recommend all of you to do this on the little corner of your room, it works as a great background for everything.

I had a Galentine's day this year.
I love my college girls.

A day I had the best burger in town.
This place is actually super near to my house, but I never got to try there
cause I tend to delay my plans when it comes to places in my town.

But look at this avocado burger & you can blame me for never going there until then.
I'm definitely going back to burger-treat myself!

And after the best burger, I had the prettiest dessert in town.
It's the Mendl's from the Grand Budapest Hotel movie!
This was also on my to-do list that I never attempted to properly done it because this was in my town.
I thought someday I would try it, but it's been like 2 years lol

And that day was that someday! I finally had it, and I was a happy pig.

An usual lunch at part time job.
Fried rice with an egg staring at me is always delicious. duh

I took this photo of Gwanghwamun when the formal president of South Korea was
officially impeached after all the protests & trials.

I was on my way to have lunch after Friday classes & it was really strange to see the empty, calm roads that used to be the busiest and the loudest place in Seoul during the formal president's trials at the court. That day was such a great day for us to remind what democracy really is & how the nation can change the country, not an individual!

This happens when my love of carbs gets overloaded.
I came back home with two boxes of donuts that day and everyone was like
whhhhaaat?? I thought you were gonna lose weight.

But these were super sweet & sugary, just how I wanted them to be.

And this adorable chick-shaped dessert filled with chestnut cream.

Found this old photo of me and my sister when we were about 6!
I remember that strawberry t-shirt and flowy jeans, they used to be my favorite look back then.

This was a very sunny day, and I was really excited the whole day
because I really didn't feel cold without my extra layers inside my coat!
For this sem, Fridays are always the best day to hang out or have a brunch, so I had one with my sister in my town.

We went to a cute little restaurant called 'Salad Seller'.
It was such a fresh & tasty meal with colorful veggies & healthy options.

We had a warm avocado bowl with sweet pumpkin soup and apple arugula sandwich.
No words, I can't wait to go back with my mom, she's gonna like it.

Found a cute grocery next to the lunch place.
This place is full of pretty cutlery, plates, snacks & cheese.

Of course, we bought some stuffs to snack on and we totally ignored how much we were full.

I think I'm now visiting a vinyl shop at least once a week even though I don't buy one everytime I go there.
They even have cassettes of some 80's & 90's Korean singers and my dad is gonna looooove it.
Can't wait for his bday so I can get one for him!

My matcha obsession recently got a little much.
I don't know if it's the warmer weather or just me becoming a serious foodie.
I made this green tea latte with espresso at my part time job & it wasn't that difficult to make unlike my expectation! Sweet & bitter goes sooooooooo well.

I now have to admit that this is more like a monthly food diary.
This cappuccino here was the best iced cappuccino I've ever had.
I had it with jasmine cream brulee which was something that I never tasted before!

Experiencing a new taste is always a fun thing for me.

Last, but never can't be a least, I added a new one to my collection.
As soon as I saw this displayed, I didn't hesitate a second, just grabbed it and paid for it.
Not only his vinyl is quite rare to get cause it's so popular, but also it sounds so great when played on the record player!

So this is how my February & March were, yet this isn't everything from my two months document. I'm now planning to write some travel posts from my Taiwan trip last Feb & a little post about what I eat during college days.

For now, I'm having busy days with no day offs- going to classes everyday & working on the weekends.
But surprisingly, I'm getting used to this kind of cycle that I can afford this blog post
in the school library between classes.

I'll be going to my next classes in 20 minutes, and this 3 hours has been such productive one.
No regrets for having tired eyes and dark circles under.

I hope you enjoyed my diary & let's catch up :)


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