Monthly Diary

12:17:00 AM

Mid-December to mid-January.

Aside from devoting myself from Christmas spirit to New Year's resolutions,
I still enjoyed my ordinary dailies and managed to capture some of the small little things.
Here's my monthly record from two near and far months- the time between the almost end of the year
and the freshly start of the year.

This was when my college freshman days were about to end. It was a same typical day, but my mom and sisters came around. So instead of going home straight after the classes, we decided to take a mini adventure to the near town.

By that time, which was around mid-Dec, the town was filled with the 'calm before the storm' vibe,
making us feel super peaceful and calm.
Another likable factor was that this place had a good amount of the old and the new- a mixture between
the modern buildings and traditional Korean houses.

Whilst wandering, I noticed the sunset for the first time in so long time.
It was a moment of reminder of how pretty sky Seoul has got.

Austere and tranquil ambiance of the village eased our weariness of city life.
This kind of getaway (a super short getaway, indeed) was something that I was in need of before crazy final exam days.

Then, my winter break officially started. aka my winter hibernation had started.
I'm surprised everyday to see myself not going out and not trying to go out *insert cry laugh emoji here*
As a huge huge HUGE staycation devotee who still loooooooves to travel (typical me irony duh), I've been doing stuffs that I couldn't do during school days like binge reading, watching films, napping and crafting.
This piece of DIY-ish creation is the family memory corkboard that I made. I even tried making yarn tassels for the first time and it turned out lovely! One for home and one for my dad's office table!
I wish we'd be able to fill those with great memories as we did past years.

My bff came to see me few weeks ago. Despite our distance, we've been bffs for 7 years now!
Thanks to our similarities in almost everything, going to art exhibition tacitly became our routine.
This time, we went to see the legendary work, The Gleaners by Jean Francois Millet.
In one sentence, his most famous work of all time was a quintessence of realism art.
Along with The Gleaners, we treated our eyes with the works that traveled across the oceans from Orsay Museum- Gogh, Renoir, Gauguin, Monet

Bff catch up can't be complete without coffee, tea and desserts.
We've had so much sugar and caffeine, but all of us were able to stay normal since
we were too busy laughing, taking selfies, and chatting.

And back to happy introvert life.
These photos were taken when I went outside for the first time in 3 days.
It was a long journey indeed that I traveled across all the stairs to reach to our house rooftop...after like a couple of minutes of appreciating the snow and the sunlight, I hurriedly came back into my warm blankets
which is always the safest place from the freezing air.

Last, but NEVER LEAST.
An embroidered shopper bag by mom!!!
I'm definitely sticking to this bag for the rest of my life because it's just perfect...
She even embroidered my initial DAWN on the handle to melt my heart.
Can't wait to carry them around everywhere this year. I'm the most proud daughter.

So far, so good. My 10+ days of 2017 have been good enough.
So did my 1/3 of winter break! I can't wait to capture more of my dailies for the next diary post.

How's your 2017 so far? Hope the last days and more days ahead of 2017 be wonderful!


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