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I craft

I love making, creating, and crafting art. I grew up in the environment that was encouraging me and my sisters to be expressive with art. Our room was always full of colorful origami papers, paint brushes, plain white papers, and still is. Art is like a refuge in my mind. Even though my finished projects may not look good, I adore how much it gives me so much comfort. I still tend to create art whenever I have nothing specific to do. 

For these last two weeks, on every Saturdays, I have been crafting in my room. It is very ironic to see how fleeting the time is when I am into my crafts compared to the time I get my stuffs done...... Stuffs like test preparation, homework, study plans, blahblah...

On the 2-weeks-ago Saturday, I made bookmarks out of the bouquet of roses I received from my parents. They handed me the loveliest bunch of flowers with the most meaningful gift I have ever received in my entire life- a ring from my grandma.
I really wanted to express my appreciation and love to my family so I picked up some rose petals and put them in my big ol' SAT book.

After few days, little rose petals dried completely enough like a thin paper. And I got all my stuffs ready! I sat on the floor for 4 hours straight crafting my gifts for my family. 

At the end, my fingers were sticky with glue and my butts really ache, but it was worthy! I laminated these bookmarks with thin plastic layer to secure them from tearing apart. 

This is how my rose petal bookmarks turned out!

I decided to cut the petals into little tulip shape cause as they dried in the thickest book I own, their shaped got quite odd. After gluing the roses on the paper circles, I drew different face expressions for each flower. Then I just simply decorated the rest of the bookmarks with fun bright colors!  

I also thought it would be cuter and 'more like a bookmark' if I would write some inspirational quotes at the back. 

I gave these little presents to my sisters, parents and my aunt. That feeling when you see their smiles appearing as they received it :D

For the rest of the roses I got......
I decided to dry them as well to hang on the wall. A perfect decoration with sense of vintage to spice up my room.

On this Saturday, I made friendship bracelets/anklets.
I actually never made any before, so all I could do was look up on the internet for braids and knots. 
Making bracelet/anklet turned out to be quite easy and I got obsessed!
After few hours, I ended up with more than 10 of those on my table so I needed to give them out to my family as another little gifts.

I just went with simple fishtail braids and adjustable knots. 

One of the reasons why I am obsessed making this is because I love how cheery and lively they look with different pops of colors. 
They also have that summer vibes and festivity.

Doing these projects for last two weekends was sooooo fun and inspirational. I really don't know what to craft next week, but can't wait to create another art in my life!


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