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From the Last week of June to the 1st week of July

I love to see how I spent my days or weeks by casually browsing phone gallery. Sometimes, those pictures bring up little memories 
from the day I took them and make me smile!
And I thought, why not share on my blog.
These are some of the snaps I took from the last week of June to the 1st week of July.
They are quite random- usually food!

Churros with ice cream as a topping?
Ice cream with churros as a topping?

Anyway, my dad treated all the girls in my family (including my mum) 
for Saturday-after-brunch dessert :D

The best waffles in town, Limburg Waffle.
I and my sisters chose different ones.
Cinnamon maple, Cream cheese, and Home-made strawberry jam!

My little sister who turned 11 years old this May, is an artistic girl!
(make a proud-sister-face)
This piece is one of her projects. 
She even made her own portfolio book that looks professional...
She assembled wood pieces, threads, wires, marbles, clay, and all the materials possible to create this awesomeness-overload stuff! 
Actually I don't even know what its name is but this one is my favorite.

On last Saturday, 4th of July (yay!!!!!!!), my room got new wallpaper.
The actual color of it is limey yellowish green.
This makes me feel that spring/summer vibes which I absolutely adore.
Just captured the moment when I was trying to get all the things done-
putting on wall decors, doodling, reading books, and studying- 
and totally failed.

Summer nigh sky of Seoul.
Took this shot while I was lying on the picnic mat by the riverside.
Beautiful navy blue hues and building lights are always picture-worthy 
even though I have tons of pictures that are similar to this one.

And here, the most random snaps I can show you.
I just found some cat name generator websites on Google and went for it!
These are the names that I ended up with. 
What's your favorite?


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