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I read

I love reading. Every person in the world reads. Among those different stuffs that we get to read (like letters, books, reading passages in typical tests, advertisements, and so on), my favorite one is (obviously) a book.

I can really say that I am a book addict. I got poor eye sight and got to wear eyeglasses at the age of 10 because I read so much. 
Actually I think I read in the dark a lot...... 
Anyway, from the long time before my first eyeglasses, I didn't stop reading until now.

Currently, I am reading three books little by little. These three are not related to each other at all. Fortunately, they don't cause any traffic in my brain since each book tells different stories that I love.

3 books I read are:

1. The Story Of Art by E.H Gombrich
2. Kinfolk Magazine Vol. 13
3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

I urge, The Story of Art by E.H Gombrich is a must-read book to anyone who loves Art. I read only one chapter every time I decide to read because it is overwhelmingly thick. However, despite of its thickness, this book is a genius. It was easy to understand even though I didn't know many things about art history. I;m now on the halfway of this book and can't wait to finish it!

Kinfolk Magazine has been newly added to my book collection. As a girl who loves anything about fashion, photography, food, and lifestyle, Kinfolk Magazine definitely needed in my collection. I now own 4 volumes- Vol. 10 and Vol. 13 to Vol. 15- that I feel so much satisfaction when I see them sitting in the bookshelf.

Lastly, I started to read Harry Potter all over again. This is a quite usual habit that I do every year. It never gets me tired of wondering in my magical world. Funny thing is that, sometimes my best friend also re-read Harry Potter series when I decide to read it from the top!

So why don't you grab a book from your bookshelf, dust it off, and go into it with your favorite tea next to you?


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