Post-holiday Journal 2016

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Starting off the very first blog post of 2017 with the most outdated title wasn't on my new year's resolution,
but I just couldn't get myself going towards fresh 2017 blog posts without sharing how my last days of 2016 were.

It's been 10 days already ever since 2017 has started. If I was the organized blogger, this post would've been named as "My New Year's Resolution" or something that talks about 2017. Well, I guess this blog is still in 2016. I honestly can't move on if I don't finish this post holiday journal properly because my last week of 2016 was quite amazing and there were so many things to be thankful of. So despite the outdated cliche vibes, here goes the Post-holiday Journal 2016 written on the 10th of Jan, 2017.

Both Christmas and New Year's Day were on the weekends, which means part time job.
This may sound quite tragic, but I really did my part time job on the most festive 4 days of the year.
It wasn't actually bad since I've worked there for good amount of time, it was just the after work fatigue
and urge to stay awake until the midnight.

 As we always do, we baked Christmas treats all-day-long.
When I came back home after working, the house was literally smelling like
Christmas sugar cookies and real life gingerbread house.
For this year, my sisters and I had overgone.
By overgoing, we mean baking two kinds of cookies, two kinds of muffins, cake pops, and our own Christmas cake.

As you can see, we made our annual Christmas sugar cookies.
Pre making sugar cookie dough has always been my job for years and the recipe I use never goes wrong.
And those muffins! I'm pretty sure that everyone has seen them irl or on the internet.
It was my first time to actually make one, and they were overwhelmingly adorable.

Along with our snowman muffins, mini muffins were there, of course.
And our Christmas cake!!! I still get excited with our very first Christmas cake.
It was a red velvet cake (one layer of matcha flavored cake sheet for more festivity!)
with overflowing cream cheese frosting. It was one of the most satisfying creations from our oven.
From cake sheet to frosting, we baked and decorated for hours and hours that my sisters and I ended up smelling like butter-coated cookie dough with tons of sprinkles on top.

After producing our over-planned Christmas eve sugar feast, we officially got our little party ready by placing
every treats on the table and putting these cute cake toppers hand crafted by my two youngest sisters.

Yes, everyone got sugar high.
The night was filled up with family chats, photos and laughter.

Never forget a flatlay shot.

The most emotional part was when we were opening our presents.
We completely went against the tradition because I had to work again on Christmas morning
which means incomplete family at gift opening moment!

My sister and I had spent good amount of time brainstorming and shopping all over Seoul for perfect Christmas gifts for each of our family. It was all worth it at the end seeing everyone extremely happy with the gifts! (Another reason we call this successful wasn't only because no one could guess what the gift was, but also because we made mom cry!!)

Days after Christmas till the 31st went quite peacefully.
Snacking on all the leftover Christmas treats everyday with no guilt because I wasn't the only one, insisting to let the Christmas decorations stay until January, and pretending 2017 isn't a big deal even though I was freaking out.

And I knew I wouldn't be able to finish my post holiday journal without this one.
We were asked to look after him for about 2 weeks by my mom's friend since she had to move out to another town.
This little pup made everyone stay at home, especially me.
I mean, who would go out with that white fluff left behind?

Sitting next to him and stitching was my ultimate go-to introvert activity.

I can't believe that this is already the second post-holiday journal written on this blog.
I feel like my first post-holiday journal was long long time ago even though it's just been a year!
2016 has been an adventurous year for me.
I've started my college, met tons of new people, learned new life lessons,
and a looooot more that I'm really grateful of whether it's good or bad.

Unlike last year, I haven't set my resolutions yet, and I plan to not make a list ahead. I don't want to push myself this year to achieve all the goals, but appreciate what I will be accomplishing throughout 2017. I hope focusing on every moment and the process would shape the time ahead of me stronger and firm.
Thank you for 2016, I wish you another great days in 2017 


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