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Christmas just got really near, and I still haven't posted one about it.
Extremely freaking out, I decided to write a quick one before I regret after the 25th.

As a HUGE Christmas fan (or more like, Christmas obsessed person), I ended up making all of my family
love Christmas in the end. So, it's not December, but November when we slowly start to decorate our house
into a festive one.

There're several family traditions involved such as hanging the fairy lights
along the edges of the living room ceiling and adding the felt garlands on it.
This year, we added few more things that would probably be a thing for my family!

My sister hung a Santa hat upside down on the living room wall, and made it into our family advent calendar,
putting little gifts everyday for each one of us. So, we take turns to open it everyday and it seems like
everyone is enjoying this cute idea.

Christmas shopping made me go outside more in spite of my introvert-self that is eager to stay in aka 'hibernate'.
Pros: I got to see Christmas part of Seoul. Cons: I hate going out everyday!

And of course, Christmas lights!

Flying Tiger Copenhagen has recently launched in Korea, and I couldn't stop myself becoming a maniac over it.
This store wasn't only full of brilliant products, but also perfect Christmas gifts & stocking stuffers.
I went there twice a week just to check if there're new stuffs (of course there weren't)

 Back to my home sweet home, here are the little parts of our family Christmas tradition.
That pompom garland was a successful diy project indeed,
all we had to do was threading a needle and passing it through handful pompoms.
For the living room fairy lights, it's the first thing to go on whenever we feel super festive at home.
This instantly turns our place into the coziest house along with our carol playlists.

Candle lights under the Christmas tree is one of the best things about being at home during this season.
It would be even better if your candles are Christmas scented ones!
That day, we watched Elf, lying around the Christmas tree with every lights and candles on.

Meanwhile, in the very corner of the bedroom, this is happening.
That nutcracker is like 15 years old, I remember my parents getting it for me after we watched
Christmas nutcracker ballet show. It is one of the first Christmas memories I have.

And last but not least, our Christmas tree 2016!
This year, we went for little bit of every Christmas colors- red, gold, silver and white.
Surprisingly, it didn't look shabby, but super festive that I literally started at it every time I sat in the living room.

This was how I got ready for this Christmas.
In fact, I went for the last Christmas shopping this morning with my sister followed by
gift wrapping session and struggles.

How did you get yourself ready for this Christmas? In my case, I'm finishing this post, 
snacking on the chocolate chip cookies.
And I wish y'all a very merry Christmas♥


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