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Hi blog!
I'm finally writing another post ever since I posted one on like...October?
Which means I was totally gone again from this cyber space because of 'real life' stuffs.

Yes, I was super-mega-duper busy ever since then.
You know, college 2nd sem be like CRAZY!
Midterm & final exams, going to classes every single day, group projects, essays,
deadlines that seemed like next year turned out to be tomorrow... these kinds of stuffs. Yes.

But today, I'm officially done with my college freshman year!
(And I shall write a post fully dedicated to my first college year, asap)
And now that I'm left with tons of pictures & stories to be told,
November Dairy was the first thing that must be done.

I know, it's like half-way to Christmas & end of this year, but I'm a huge control freak in terms of my blog,
and I just wanted to show how my life went through (which was totally disappeared in this blog) in chronological order...

Here's my November, the month between my midterm & final exam.
So-called 'the calm before the storm'.

The first rain of November was pretty cool.
I was on my way to the first class of the day, super sleepy.
And when I turned back to see how much my backpack was drenched in the rain, this scenery caught my eyes.
I had to get my phone out & walk away as if nothing happened, but the camera shutter sound...

 I don't know why these halloween treats are in my November picture file, but aren't they the cutest?
Maybe I was like whatever towards halloween that I had these on November.

Those ghost donuts were from Dunkin donuts, with cream cheese filling and white/matcha chocolate frosting on top.
Tbh, they were just picture-worthy ones. The cream filling didn't want to show up even though I had eaten half of it!
And those chocolate muffins were made by my sister, which was really gooey and sweet
with little bit of peanut butter core surprise! It was even better with hot chocolate.
And the rabbit-shaped food here is made by little girls who are attending the same art workshop with me.
They named this a 'witch pancake' and gave me an honor to taste their diy halloween treats.

 Random selfie of November!
Photo credit goes to my messy post makeup site & messy bun.

Moments when I already felt holiday festivity- workshop version of Christmas lights & college choir

What happens when college girls hang out on Friday night: pretty cakes & chats
Sadly, my college girls and I somehow don't end up hanging out as much as we wish,mainly because of hectic school days.
But when we do, we just talk and talk and eat and talk and eat.
That's it and this is like an unchanging equation. (sometimes end up grabbing some good ol' drinks!)

That day was full of chats, selfies, laughter and amazing desserts.

And matching lipsticks & ice creams... 

And the day after I hung out with my friends, we met again.
This time, for something more purposeful.

South Korea is in quite serious political situation right now, and we are all working hard to show what the real democracy is.
It was my first time to properly participate in the protest march, and it was amazing.
There were no chaos or violence, but passion and unity.
It felt REALLY great and meaningful to be a part of the history as a Korean.

Baking of November: tricolor cookies
Never thought sweet pumpkin, chocolate and green tea would go great together!
They also kinda remind me of watercolor paintings.

And school days again.
As November ended, Seoul got much much colder & my friends and I were desperate for warm noodles.
We found a little udon place around the campus and devoured a whole bowl!

End of November means official Christmas decors and countdowns.
We couldn't just pass the Christmas tree before going back to class and took a christmas bauble selfie!

 These are previews of my upcoming posts. I went to two amazing day trips on November and left another tons of pictures. Maybe these posts can wait until next year casue I'm ready for Christmas posts!!!

So that was my November diary.
I'm so excited to write more posts during my winter break cause it has officially started.
And even more excited for y'alls's Christmas posts to come!

What are your plans for this winter break? Let's catch up!


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