20 Random Happy Things of 20 Years Old

4:38:00 AM

I can't even remember how long ago it was when I first planned to do this kind of post.
Seeing all the lovely 'happy things' posts in the blogging world always made me so happy,
so I decided to do my version of it someday, never knowing I would be putting off this for such a long time.

Yes, finally, I made a list!
Well, I thought I would come with something more mature and adult things, but no no no-
I just couldn't fake myself from being a '20 years old' kid.

I can say my happy things here have been in long-term relationship with me.
I really love all of 'em so much even though some of them can be extremely cliche.
Here's my 20 random happy things, wishing you a little smile through this tiny record.

-these are random stuffs in very random order-

1. 20s

As much as I loved my teenage years, I wish my 20s to be amazing as well.
I know it would certainly be super tough and bumpy; however, I also know better things would fill
the 10 years ahead of me and this fact makes me happy.

2. My blog, JK's Dawn

It's been 1.5 years ever since this has begun.
I can say thousand times 'Thank you' to me from May 2015, cause blogging has helped me to find a better version of myself.
It taught me how to be more confident & expressive with my own ideas & thoughts, and this really means a lot to me.
Honestly, I'm not a blogger with steady amount of posts;
yet, I regard this place as a little precious attic of mine where I can freely share what I did
and felt as if I'm writing a special journal contributed to myself.

3. Ghibli films

If you haven't watched any, go get your fuzzy socks & warm drink, tuck yourself in the coziest blanket,
turn on your laptop, and watch any Ghibli films out there.
I can still remember watching My Neighbor Totoro, at the age of 5 or 6. Ever since then,
I haven't stopped giving myself a nice ghibli therapy whenever I needed one.
Of course this fangirl level is quite high that the place I visited on my Tokyo trip Day.1 was Ghibli Museum.

4. Anything sweet

I just can't live without sweets.
Fruits, chocolate, ice cream, cakes, cookies... these are uncountable nouns, right?

5. City

I'm a city person.
I was born in city, lived in cities, and still live in one.
It doesn't mean I don't like countries- in fact, I get excited way too much everytime I visit countryside!
Well, I  end up missing the city life after like 2 days...
I love the busy-ness and ever changning vibes of the cities.

6. DIY-ing

Creating, crafting, making.
I have been doing this non stop, every changing seasons, someone's bday/special days or basically whenever I want to.

7.  Staying in

There's a huge introvert residing in me, and I love that part of me.

I value having time solely for myself, and I find this works the best at home.
I read books, watch movies, do self-improving stuffs, bake treats, and so on- there're plenty of things I can do at home!
But too much of staycation makes me crave the outside world, it's me at the caprice.
Yet, staying in is like my best extravaganza of all time.

8. Lipsticks

Um...... I mean, who doesn't?
There's no such thing as too many lippies or same shades!

9. Walk

Among all the travel method, walk shall be my go to one.
I really appreciate the art of walking, it usually leads me to adventure.

10. Art museums

As an aesthete, art museum is one of my happy places to be.
Getting lost in endless creativity is such a wonderful experience which would never get boring.

11. Candles

Not only me, but also the rest of my family. Maybe candle loving trait runs in the family.

12. Books

Proof here, I got my poor eye sight mainly because I read too much when I was a kid......

It's a love-hate relationship that won't end!
I'm madly in love with all the feelings that only books can give.

13. Music

Current addiction: Broods, Mac Miller, Betty Who
Near future obsession: Christmas Carols

14. Baking

Instant happiness comes with perfect batch of cookies, muffins, cakes, anything from my oven.
Trying new recipes and tasting it with a nice cup of tea/coffee will never stop me from reaching to another butter, egg, sugar & flour of the goodies.

15. New Notebooks

Don't judge me, I have a little section of my bookshelf, dedicated to my fancy notebooks I haven't used yet.
(Some are like in 4-years-of-not-using-it situation because they're too beautiful to be used!)

16. Fall & Winter

My two favorite seasons. aka this time of the year! Now!!!
I really appreciate the pros of these than the cons while I don't appreciate the pros of summer.
Warmer clothes, cozy socks and slippers, hot drinks, holidays, leaves, snow, boots, colors,
I can't end listing all the reasons for my love of fall & winter.

17. Travel

Travel. The ultimate antidote for me.
I get happy even thinking about the word. The word itself 'Travel' is almost like an onomatopoeia,
bears spectrum of emotions and feelings in 6 letters.
I'm amazed with how much possibility travel has every time I take a trip.

18. Caffeine & tea

Don't worry, I'm not a caffeine addict.
These to me, are easy tranquilizers, that help me to feel less anxious during any major nerve-raking events (midterm/final exams, interview, public speaking, sudden minor anxiety) and to take a little break from all the plans and must-do. 

19. Christmas

Christmas is happiness extract overload in one day!

I'm gonna be super super obsessed with this magical holiday as November comes
- decorations, carols, fairy lights, movies, sweaters, baking.
Well, my Christmas fever got my family and friends, too. They now appreciate Christmas.

20. Comfort Food

Of course, this won't be complete with my praise to FOOOOOOD.
A good comfort food can make everyone happy right away. Here are some of my comfort food I can't live without:
mom's food, bubble tea, fried chicken, chocolate, pho, warm toast

'My 20 happy things' was definitely the coolest thing to add on my blog post list
because I got to think about the little things I've taken for granted. I'm quite sure most of you guys have done it already,
but I really encourage thinking about your happy things no matter how random and weird they are!
What are your happy things?



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