Falling into Fall

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Starting with the cheesiest post title, this post goes to Fall 2016. I know y'all love staying in during this time of the year as the weather gets chilly, but why not bring yourself outside to make the most of the season?
Winter comes fast, there's plenty of colder time to stay inside binge watching all those missing episodes & seasons. Autumn leaves fast, but there's still plenty of ways to enjoy it!

I made my own Fall To-do list/Bucket list not only to encourage myself to enjoy this fall, but also to share fall activity ideas with you guys. To be honest, I'm mostly too lazy to get dressed and wear makeup on the weekends- which leads to tying up a messy bun and becoming bff with my laptop. Just imagine going to college classes every single day, what's even better than cozing up yourself in your most comfy place? Well, here's a huge irony, I found the better one.

It didn't take me long to realize how fall was too short to let those diamondlike weekends flow away, leading me to write a whole bunch of things to do this fall. And finding about Eventbrite and their amazing project boosted my will to actually share my ideas here. They're doing a fun project called GOMO (Going Out More Often) to squash FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out; ex. Netflix & Chill).

You can definitely check out their website because they help people find events and even plan your own with their unique event planning tools! Through Evenbrite, I was excited to see so many kinds of upcoming events in Seoul. I'm quite sure you've got some Fall Festivals around!Without further ado, let's get into it!

1. Lost in green


When we think of fall leaves, colors like warm brown, vibrant red, golden yellow pop up in our minds. From one of the most fall-like stroll I had last week, green became the part of beautiful fall hues to me.

Before turning into vivid fall foliage, everything had gone deep green. I remember getting little anxious that morning as soon as I woke up, but wandering among greens was the perfect therapy.

Here's me lost in green, and being a still daddy's girl!

I really recommend to visit any near towns or villages that are great to walk around. Unlike in summer, you won't never get super sitcky, dehydrated, exhausted, and thirsty thanks to breezy, toasty air.

2. Cafes and Flea Markets

 I've started to stumble across more cafes & flea markets as fall started. Bumping into flea markets always feels like finding the best treat in the treasure hunt. Also, getting a warm drink with little sweets make the season even better! You shouldn't miss these golden experiences, which might give you a favorite memory for this fall.

My kind of heaven. Desserts, carbs, chocolate, caffeine, sugar, and chats.

Being outdoor let you find the most adorable, insta-worthy ice creamery. My sister and I agreed this place had the most creamy milk ice cream.

The first flea market I went was like 5 min from my house. What makes it unique is that it is held along long stair. Even though I wasn't able to take more pics there, I felt so nice such brilliant thing was going on in my community.

At another flea market we accidentally discovered, I got a little marble stone ring for $ 1.5! The best thing is that I don't need to worry about losing my dusty rose marble ring, cause it's totally fine with water! *self highfive*

You can never forget a huge brunch on your local cafe's terrace.I and my friends had ricotta cheese salad, beef eggplant panini, and club sandwich- they were all humongus,
but we devoured them anyway.

3. Simply Strolling

Sometimes, you may feel pressure to plan what to do outside. I also consider myself as a plan freak cause I tend to get obsessed with all the plans and they need to be done.

However, we all need time to ease down, with no plans or schedule ahead. Simply go outside and walk to nowhere- don't worry about getting lost, I mean, we're in 21st century, with all kinds of transportation to get ourselves back home.

And you'll get to see little surprises throughout the stroll.


Like re discovering your own city.Finding little corners to see it in another perspective.

Of course, coming across hidden spots is the main event of unplanned walks.

Another city therapy?

Day: gaze into different colors and how they end up matching each other's color.
Night: Building lights, chasing car lights with your eyes.

4. Fall Baking & Cooking

But, if you really wish to stay in, why don't you make it a little better by treating yourself with homemade goodies? As soon as the atmosphere got different from that of summer, I tried to have more homemade meals and sweets. Takeouts and pizzas are always good, but trust me, these are better in every possible ways.

So far, I've baked biscottis, crumbles on everything, muffins, blahblah... Apple cinnamon cake would probably be my favorite one of all, but I have tons more recipes to try! One common thing is that they all go amazing with coffee & tea.

5. Intellectual Food

Well, not actually food, books and movies are two classic ways to rescue yourself out from the ocean of electro waves aka phones or tv screens. Even though hectic 2nd sem got me lazy to stop reading books as much as before, I still love reading. Many of you would understand that feeling of finishing the last page and opening the very first clean page.

Fun fact: I usually prefer to read two books at the same time; one in English , one in Korean.
I've stocked my trustful Kinfolk magazines since last year, and I now have one issue left on my bookshelf! I also read "A Man Called Ove" this summer, it's such a wonderful book. It made me shed a tear at the end.
I'm currently reading 'Rivers Of London' and 'Pride and Prejudice'. I've read the later one in Korean, so decided to try the original one this fall. I recommend 'A Man Called Ove' and 'Rivers Of London', they are two perfect books to grab!

These were my 5 fall to-do lists and ideas for you to 'Go Out More Often'. Thanks to Evenbrite for letting me be a part of their brilliant project! I also suggest you guys to share your own fall bucket list/to-do list/plans. Please let me know if there're more ways to enjoy this season aside from these activities, I'm excited for you to share them, ♥


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