Weekly Diary

6:06:00 AM

From the last week of August to the last week of October

Hello, my blog! I was gone for 2 months and 14 days. But don't worry blog,
I never forgot you or something, I was just really busy with stuffs.
To be exact, college application and interviews and documents blahblah...
Anyway, weekly diary is always the best thing to post 
when I get tons of pics to share in this tiny kind of private place on the internet.
So...... here's another weekly diary!

This time, I tried to put all the pictures in order, but they may not be in PERFECT order.

This is obviously Lucky Charms.
Well. I couldn't stop to take an instagram shot of this
because I finally had it after craving this goodness for 2 years.
As soon as I found this in Costco (which is also in Korea) and devour the first bowl of this colorful breakfast, I kept on eating my favorite cereal.
Ended up with more double chin.

Typical sister selfies.
We take selfies on Wednesday. (and here, we also wore pink)
She's my baby cousin who is more likely a sister.
We tried to do the same mouth poses and nailed it!

When mom officially announces the fall/autumn on the dinner table.
She didn't say it in words, but we all knew it by the colors.
On the last day of August, she cooked eggplants 
with balsamic cream, mushrooms, and bell peppers.
On the first day of September, she made the most delicious salmon sushi 
with homemade mayo and sliced onions.

My family and I had a Sunday day off by the riverside.
Autumn sky was high, wind was little chilly, 
but the atmosphere was toasty and cozy.
Picnic mat, blankets, beer, river, family, laughter, sunset, and random chats.
My mind was full.

This cake is my spirit anima... cake!!!
I thought it would taste like food coloring and sponge.
However, my first bite was dreamy.
Even though I needed to decide to go on a diet after eating this.

A good start of fall wouldn't be complete with a festival.
My sisters and I went to the music festival one day.
Instead of jumping to the beat and singing every lyrics out loud,
all the people were relaxed on the grass with their companies.
So did we!

A night in Seoul.

I found a little cosmos on the park bench.
The baby pink petals were perfectly symmetrical and somehow satisfied me.

These are some of the snaps during the time I was gone (from this place).
Maybe I would come here back soon!


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