My timeless favorites: VSCO Cam

4:56:00 AM

I recently added another favorite to my 'Timeless Favorite' list.
I've been using this for quite a time without realizing how much I was loving it.
I basically didn't use anything but THIS.
Well, it is VSCO cam.
As one of the people who loves to take pictures of every little things,
I also enjoy editing the snaps I took to make them look better. Duh!

Browsing through my gallery, I've noticed that I always recreated the photos
with the help of this brilliant app.

To start the story of how I fell in love with VSCO cam, 
as if this is a typical rom com movie scenario,
the very first thing I liked was the app itself.

It got that minimal but easy-to-understand designs on the every corner.
Such details let me to trust it even before I actually tried to edit some pics.

Another best thing is that there are no useless filters on this.
They all make sense on all the pictures.
Moreover, it never over changes your photos.
You won't end up with too much yellowness or too much shadows.

I learned to use variety of filters and effects on the pics, 
to bring out the colors I saw with my eyes,
and to appreciate every moment I had as I took pictures.

Since there were many pics on my phone that I randomly scroll through 
with satisfaction, I'm gonna share some of them here.
Additionally, my current favorite filters are A5, A6, C1, HB1, and HB2.



It is really interesting to explore VSCO cam and all the effects.
Finding out the best filter for each snap, bringing out the lost colors,
and making the best out of the little picture I took.
These are why it became my timeless favorite.


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