Weekly Diary

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From the 3rd week of July to the 3rd week of August

Since I was gone for a month without any single post, I thought I would 
post another weekly diary from the date I forgot that I even had a blog.
Yes, I was so busy! Busy as in I took four tests that were so important to me.
I had prepared for them for quite; therefore, I didn't want to loose my focus.
Despite those days I spent studying with no internet, 
I could not stop myself from taking a lot of daily snaps.

All the pics are in order from the third week of July to the third week of August.

I usually don't treat myself, especially with Starbucks.
They are one of the places that are quite pricey in Korea.
However, Happy Hour is always a great excuse to have frappuccino after lunch!

I got Espresso Frapp. My mom got caramel macchiato. 
And my sister, who is a fan of avocado, tried new drink called 
"Avocado Yogurt Blended".

Got this little bag of chocolates for free!
It was a lovely gift from my friend in the Philippines.
I devoured 3 of them as soon as I opened it.

OK. I now have to admit that this post is mostly about food.
Well, I love eating and taking pictures! That's all.

These delicious-looking dishes become even better when you taste them.
It may be hard to believe, but that roll shaped food is pizza.
Yeah, a fancy version of it.
As a huge lover of Italian cuisine, I can say, these were undoubtedly tasty.

I've been working on small projects with my best friend!
It's not something professional or to make profit out of it.
We both love drawing, painting and creating.
One day, we ended up making some pieces 
out of the scrabbles and the doodles we had! 
We thought they were adorable and decided to create a logo :D
These are just two of the numerous logos we made.

"TWILEE" is the final name that we came up with the idea from our names. 
And little bit of allusion of the word "twin" cause we have similar names!

I hung out with one of my friends who became 19!
I treated her with the most adorable cakes I've ever seen.
Both were amazingly delicious dessert.
We chatted about the future and the plans we want to do in our 20's
with green grape beer and red sangria.

On the last Wednesday of July, all the girls (me, my sisters, mum, aunt)
went to MoMA, Seoul.
In Seoul. for every last Wednesday of the month, 
most of the exhibitions are cheaper or even free.
I had such a wonderful time roaming around the art works in the museum.

Study session in Starbucks.
I and my sister got tired of studying at home
 and realized that we needed somewhere else to focus.

Of course, we didn't forget to add some sweets along the table!

Snap from the moment when selfie taking got tumblry.

I randomly took this in the bookstore.
Just reminded me of beautiful glazed donuts.
Maybe my mind becomes vulnerable to food and pretty lights.

My family loves walking.
We casually walk after dinner or at anytime we feel like it!
Plus, living near the riverside is a big encouragement to our love for walking.

We were just chatting like best friends on the picnic mat.
I couldn't stop myself from capturing the perfect moment.
Summer breeze, night view, favorite songs and family chats. 

Here, let me end this post with the sparking panorama of Seoul's night.


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