All You Need for Movie Nights

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We all have our own ways to ease ourselves from busy tiring days.
From an hours-long lush pamper to a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's, these mere things take us to the quiet cozy nooks where there're no due dates, chores and burdens.

In my case, movie nights is one of the perfect nooks to be.
Whether I'm with my friends/family or even on my own, just thinking about it already makes me super happy.
(And I assume most of you do the same)
My movie nights are usually spent with my sisters, we like to surround ourselves
with all the pillows & cushions at home while munching on guilty night snacks.

About a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to Pure Flix and we teamed up to share this brilliant idea about movie nights with you.
We worked together on our custom checklist so I can swim out of my deep sea called indecisiveness
when it comes to choosing among endless options!

I picked up 3 movies & 3 must-haves for my movie nights (and I definitely had hard time to choose only three picks) that has been and will always be my go-to ones no matter what.
Here I present my little movie nights essentials Ta-dah!

*A moment of appreciation*
Seeing my favorite movies & essentials listed on this literally felt like having a surprise bday gift.
Thanks Pure Flix, you've got me.


1. Harry Potter Series

No explanation needed.
Harry Potter marathon is actually my annual tradition
(no specific time, I just watch 'em all whenever I crave magician world).
My family and I really enjoy Harry Potter Series, so when we notice Harry Potter playing on TV
while aimlessly switching around the channels, everyone stops there, finish the movie, appreciate it.

2. My Neighbor Totoro

Another masterpiece.
Along with Harry Potter, this is one of the first movies of my life.
And I'll never get sick of it.
If you haven't watched this or any of Studio Ghibli's movie,
you should plan your Ghibli movie night and thank me later. You're welcome!

3. Up

This movie makes everyone smile at the end.
I still believe Carl & Russel are somewhere in this world and I'm sure you do, too!


1. Cozy blankets & cushions

Unless it's middle of steaming hot humid summer night, cozy layers & soft cushions
are must-haves for perfect movie nights.
As soon as you find your perfect position (like being tucked in a warm wool blanket or lying on all the pillows),
you would be able to have the best relaxing movie night and you might fall asleep even before 'The End' pops up.

2. Homemade Popcorn

Snacking is one of the most crucial factors for everyone's movie nights.
I can list the history of my movie snacks, it's THAT important (at least for me).
But if I need to choose among all the existing possible movie snacks, I would go with popcorn aka the cherry on top.

I recommend you to make your own popcorn at home before your next movie night with these following reasons:
a. you just need heat & corn
b. you can customize it - salt, caramel, chocolate and so many more!
c. it's healthier than pizza (but pizza is always right, so I'll have both popcorn & pizza)

3. Warm drinks

Tea, coffee & hot chocolate for fall & winter.
Not only it loosens up your strained body from daily life,
it keeps you relaxed & comfortable throughout the whole film.

These days, I'm obsessed with warm lemon tea.
Please share what your summer movie night drink is so I can try one this summer!

If you're planning a movie night, give it a go with any movie/essential from this checklist!
To turn your movie night even better, you should try Pure Flix's family-friendly choices.
Since they're offering one-month trial for free,
this would be a great chance to find another film to add on your fav movie list!

I can't wait to know what your movie nights essentials are!
And please let me know if you have any movie/essential suggestions for me.


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