Taiwan Adventure 2017 - Food Edition

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Finally wrapping up my Taiwan adventure series with a post wholly dedicated to Taiwanese food.
It's been crazy 6 months since I last posted on my blog &  a year since my trip to Taiwan!
But I know this little corner of me on the internet is and will always be the place I come back to record my memories and stories.

I remember myself being the 'heaviest' or 'fattest' of my entire life due to the calf injury I got that kept me indoors all the winter instead of working out regularly.
Well, we all know staying indoors all the winter means binge-watching every films and episodes while binge-eating carbs and sugars - consequence: nothing but a pig.

Nevertheless, I still loved my body and was super ready to eat myself through Taiwan.
Because there might be no second chance in travelling!
You gotta see, go, eat and enjoy what's right in front of you rather than hesitating.
I just left my healthy routines and stuffs behind and decided to enjoy!

Day 1

Official travel food begins on the plane.

Second official food was the most Taiwanese food ever!
Everyone was starving cause the airplane food was quite unappetizing as usual and good ol' dumplings and warm soup never went wrong.

After a quick nap, we went out to explore the night scenes of Taipei.
These egg yolk themed cakes just chillin in the showcase were one of the sweets I'd ever noticed that night....I instantly fell in love with this city.

I remember reading so many people recommending 85ºC's salty cream coffee on their blogs and videos, so I had to try it.
85ºC is a popular coffee chain in Taiwan & can be found everywhere!
Our first salty cream coffee was really great, anyone who loves sweet & savory (I mean, who doesn't?) will be a fan.

After the quick Taiwan night walk, we came back with our late late dinner!
It was such a great feast after a long tiring day of plane ride & walking.

The first night got even better with Taiwan honey beer & Ximen's welcoming night view.

Day 2

Day 2, the day we began to spend whole 24 hours in this new city.
Having boba tea as our breakfast because we're in the country none other than Taiwan!
I honestly wanna go back there just to have them again, they're much cheaper and sooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood. Taiwan do the BEST bobbas

We visited Starbucks at Tamsui.
Yeah, this may seem super cheesy but this spot was an exception!
Tamsui Starbucks is well known for its amazing Tamsui river view, so we all had to get in there for a quick caffeine break along the beautiful river.

And the moment of truth!

I'd finally got to taste this renowned Taiwanese jiggly sponge cake from the very OG.
It was steaming hot and super jiggly wiggly!!!

And we finished our second day with this mouthwatering teppanyaki @ Shilin Night market! I just devoured the whole thing from start to end not only because I was starving but also because they literally fried every delicious thing in butter......

Day 3

Day 3 was the highlight of the trip, where we get to explore outside the city.
We went on what is called 'Taxi Tour', a type of guided tour which takes tourists to the famous spots in Taiwan.

Not only could we see the beautiful sceneries of Taiwanese villages, railroads, old mine sites, mountain and waterfalls, but the local food were everywhere.

This is a drumstick stuffed with fried rice from Shifun, the town built along the railroad.
How brilliant is that?

Miner's lunchbox from Jinguashi, the old coal-mining town located along the beautiful mountain ranges & waterfall.

And this here, is the one of the delicacies I wanted to taste, a peanut icecream from Jiufen.
It doesn't look like one, but that thin, tortilla-like pancake surrounds the icecream & shredded peanuts.


And we finally had a feast of proper Taiwanese food that evening after all the taxi-rides throughout the day. Everyone was kinda hungover from the bumpy car rides and these scrumptious dishes sobered us up!

To finish off the full day of travelling, we chose the well-known Taiwanese shaved ice topped with endless mango.

Day 4

Now that we were back to the city, it was time to get to know more of it.
My sister and I decided to explore Taipei cities apart from the whole family group!

But brekkie gotta come first.
This was, is, and will be the most humongus sushi I've ever eaten.
Well, it'd be more exact to describe it as a small portion of rice wrapped in the whole slice of salmon!

We had dimsum again... and it had not been 24 hours since we had a full table of dimsums.
But this time, at Din Tai Fung, the most well-known Taiwanese restaurant all over the world. It's wasn't a surprise that their soup dumplings were out of this world, but those little cucumbers in soy sauce were surprisingly tasty & refreshing! I really recommend that to anyone out there visiting Taiwan or even just Taiwanese restaurant near you.
My sister wants to go there back just to eat that cucumber again. It was THAT good!

Never skip a dessert. It's even better when it's all matcha.

And we finished our Day 4 with different Taiwanese street food we had carried all the way home + this new looking fruit called Buddha's head. (The picture explains everything why)

As the last day of adventure came by, I was literally turning into a walking dimsum stuffed with fats, but who cares, it's what you gotta do when you travel!

Day 5

Bags were packed, ready for home.
But never leave without...

A grand finale!

Dumplings for three days in a row. I guess I had set my new record in Taiwan for this. Though we Koreans eat our dumplings as much as any people in East Asia, I had never had dumplings for three days straight (and not get sick of it).

Special thanks Taipei, for teaching me that I could eat this much after all.

And like that, this is the wrap up my whole Taiwan adventure.
Well, it's been more than a year since this amazing trip, but I needed to finish this Taiwan series, so I can finally move on to the another family trip that we had in Guam!

As I'm typing this, I'm currently in NYC public library.

I guess that means tons of new travel diaries for the next several months!
I hope to see you soon, blog.

Lots of love,


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