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Dear blog, long time no see!
I took unintentional break from you ever since I started living as a college freshman, but I've been missing you like crazy.

At the beginning of March, 2016, I officially became a college student.
Despite all the late night worries and pre-college life anxiety,
the new phase of my life I got to live in seemed quite cool.

I feel little bit embarrassed to talk about this, but it's part of my life
that already happened, and it's what I write about on my blog!

After spending  a week at college, I already became totally worn out.
It was the first time I got exhausted that fast,
and my mood for the whole week had crazy ups & downs.
Since I was busy making new friends at campus, all my energy
was gone as soon as I got home, and I did nothing, but go to bed.

I guess many facts I was facing got me so anxious.
First, I felt so much pressure to go out every single day for classes.
This may sound stupid; however, I often felt uneasy, especially whenever I started to worry about the next day's stuffs to get done even though I've finished what I needed to do.
Plus, I'm an ambivert with more introverty sides!

Second, I love spending times with my family, aka my bffs.
Well, I couldn't anymore! I wasn't available on the weekends as well,
cause I worked part-time @ Dunkin Donuts.
My mind craved for family chats & giggles we had all the time,
but my body was soooooo tired that I needed to give up on that.

Third, I started to feel broke.
Everyone may now know that food is one of the most important parts of my life (my mum contributed tons to this part) It's a worldwide well known fact that eating something delicious never lets anyone down.
Nevertheless, food got me so down.
Apparently, majority of the food I had was quite rubbish.
My lunch always had been something that tasted like fake version
of actual food straight out from the microwave.
At the same time, my money I 'd been saving started to evaporate fast.
And it made me feel sooooo broke.

Lastly, I couldn't spend time for "me".
I value having my personal to do what I want to do.
Reading books, blogging, going to museums/art exhibitions,
being with my family, watching films are great examples.
These things I do improved my self esteem & the way I treated my life.
I felt like I was losing these and traded them with college.

My first week of college went pretty terrible, but the worst part
was that I didn't want to tell about this to anyone.
I didn't want to worry my family and friends because I knew
that they were excited & proud of me.

And it got to the level that I couldn't take anymore.
Finally I talked to my parents & some of my friends how I've been feeling ever since college started.
I'm so lucky and blessed that every single one of them listened to me, gave real advice, and understood me.

I now feel great, I'm the same girl who loves to make pointless jokes, 
eat chocolate, get obsessed with one song, and get talkative.

And here are the solutions I found to make my life & college life better:

1. Don't feel self conscious around friends.
2. Make sure to complete all the works and never delay them.
3. I quitted my part time job- decided to work on vacation and 
focus on my studies during the semesters.
4. Bringing my own lunch to save money & feel full with good foods.
5. Avoid getting snacks between classes- snacks are huge invisible
money thieves that brings many people to blind sweet trap.
6. I'm now slowly learning how to manage my time and energy.

I think I'm now beginning to like my new phase of life: college.
I met some great friends here, and learned new things that can
help me through a lot of things.
It maybe a great chance to experience what I haven't done before,
and broaden my view and attitude toward my life ahead.

Your college life hacks, tips, advices or anything related are always welcomed here. I'm so ready for it!!

And I hope I can come back with another exciting post soon,


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  1. I'm sure blog missed you too x

  2. Good for you, I'm glad things are working out better now :) college can be a huge cause of stress, but once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you will enjoy it! It's really hard for me too. I don't always have time to relax and spend time just for me, but I find little moments here and there to try and do so or else I would go crazy. One thing that really helped me was making friends. My first quarter, I stuck with the people from high school I knew in the few classes we had together, and was alone in the rest. It was really difficult. But once I forced myself to branch out and really try hard to connect with others, that helped me enjoy class and feel like I'm not in it alone. I really hope things are working out better for you now!!
    Have a wonderful day :)

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. This is exactly what I've been feeling! The only difference is that I didn't even have friends from high school! But luckily, I met some great friends here, and I'm starting to enjoy my college life :) Thanks for these amazing words, Andrea, I got so touched!

  3. Add oil for your college life, Julia! :)

    Do you want to follow each other, so we can catch up sometime?

    1. Thanks Alk! Of course we can follow each other :) Please let me know if you followed me back xx

  4. This is such an amazing post. I recently graduated college, but I vividly remember the first few weeks of my freshman year. I felt nearly identical to you, and was always very anxious and on edge. Trust me, it gets so much better over time. It is an adjustment but you will come out of this much more grown up! xx

    Jac Fleurant

    1. Thanks! I'm now looking forward to myself when I graduate from this crazy journey! I think I'll probably get to value this time after all the experiences xx

  5. I had a pretty bad start as well when I started University. Got homesick, felt anxious etc. Skyping with friends and family always helps, don't worry you'll get used to the routine so hang in there! :)

    1. I'm actually staying at home cause my college isn't too far from my home! But yours sounds really harsh! I hate getting homesick! And yeah, I'm now getting used to it even tho I'm still getting super exhausted after all the classes :D Thanks xx

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  7. Julia, just want to let you know the link to your blog isn't working (as stated in the comment of my blog). Perhaps you can fix it so viewer can go to your site easily. :)

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know once you follow me on G+ and I will follow you back instantly. Thanks.

  8. this was such a great and helpful blogpost .. hope things get even better :) xx

  9. I don't go to college yet but with these tips hopefully my time there will be a fun filled adventure! With your amazing personality I'm sure you'll so settle in, I have missed reading your blog:)

    1. I hope you'll have an amazing college life in the future! There maybe some hardships, but there're also tons of great things to experience :D

  10. Bringing your own lunch will save you so much money in the long run. Enjoy college!
    * Instagram * Facebook *

    1. I'm still trying hard to not over spend y money!! Thank you Jeanne!

  11. I know how you feel. I'm currently in college too. It can be hard sometimes but in my opinion, the most important thing about the three or four years of college is to discover yourself. Don't get too hard on yourself and find ways to fit in life. Hope you are doing well now! Fighting!

    Chlariss | Silent Dances And Glasses

    1. I hope I'll finish my college with some lessons & plans for my life! Thank you, all these advice have helped me so much for this sem :)

  12. Nice post, dear! :)
    Do you want to follow each other? If yes, please follow me with GFC, write a comment and I follow you back :)


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